EP-Cutting burr measuring device

The right cutting burr measurement for every material

Burrs are one of the biggest obstacles to precision manufacturing and the automation of manufacturing processes. They arise in manufacturing processes as plastic deformations in the material and are defined as undesirable material protrusions beyond the workpiece edge. They cause problems in the inspection, assembly and factory automation of metal components.

Accurate measurement of the burr height is essential to characterize burr formation and to determine procedures to avoid or minimize the burr. b + s and FocalSpec have worked together to develop a new, non-contact and optical cutting burr height measurement system for quality control of cutting processes.

Eine genaue Messung der Grathöhe ist unerlässlich für die Charakterisierung der Gratbildung und für die Festlegung von Verfahren zur Vermeidung oder Minimierung des Grats. b+s und FocalSpec haben in Zusammenarbeit ein neuartiges, berührungsloses und optisches Schnittgrathöhenmesssystem für die Qualitätskontrolle von Schneidprozessen entwickelt.



min. 8 mm


between 0.02 and 5.0 mm



Measurement accuracy

1 μm

EP 100+ Cutting burr measuring device

  • Determination of cutting burr,
  • precise, reliable and fast,
  • No time-consuming preparation of the samples,
  • early review of quality standards,
  • Immediately available measurement result,
  • Time and cost savings,
  • Patents in EU, USA, Japan and China