Cut-to-Length Lines

Cut-to-Length is the technology that involves cutting blanks from flat-rolled coil material. We can offer lines to achieve different geometries.

Efficient cut-to-length lines for metal strip production

b+s cut-to-length lines are used to cut metal strips into sheets and then stack them into bundles. Depending on the requirements and productivity, our cut-to-length lines can be fitted with fixed shears (start-stop), flying, rotating, or double eccentric shears for continuous line operations and accessorized with its matching stacking system for optimal output. The configuration of a cut-to-length line depends on various factors. This includes the type of material to be processed, the desired end product, and the production output. Our cut-to-length lines are exclusively equipped with our in-house SCHNUTZ precision leveling machines. In addition, we can integrate various measuring systems, side trimming, paper applicator devices, and scrap/reject disposal systems.


Line Specification

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Icon Weight

Coil Weight

up to 30.000 kg
up to 66,140 lbs

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Width Icon

Strip Width

up to 2.600 mm
up to 102″

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Thickness Icon

Material Thickness

0,1 up to 6,0 mm
0.04″ up to 0.24″

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Speed Icon


over 120 m/min
over 394 fpm

Our services include

Detailed project consultation

Customer-oriented kick-off meeting

In-house design office

Intensive interaction between mechanical and electrical design

High value-added chain with in-house manufacturing and assembly

Intensive exchange with our and the customer´s logistics

External assembly and commissioning with b+s engineers

Successful project completion

Advantages of a b+s cut-to-length line

  • strip flatness is guaranteed by the integration of a high-performance leveler from the wold market leader SCHNUTZ
  • Elimination of strip imperfections through the use of “4-high”, “5-high” and “6-high” levelers
  • reduction of set-up times through innovative automation solutions as well as high line speeds
  • high-precision cut quality and angularity of the blanks
  • Strip processing with integrated trimming shear and scrap disposal systems, such as scrap winder or scrap cutter
  • high-precision stacking accuracy and no surface damage due to advanced stacking systems
  • experience in processing ultra-high-strength materials with tensile strength above 1,500 N/mm² (0.22 pound/square inch) and a yield strength above 1,100 N/mm² (0.16 pound/square inch)

Our Cut-to-Length Lines in use