Stretch-Bend-Leveling Lines

Among the leveling process, stretch-bend-leveling technology has
the most lasting effect on thin material strips. Various shape deffects
such as wavy edges, crossbow, center buckles and coil set are easily eliminated.

World market leader in the leveling technology for metal strips

The consistent further development of stretch-bend-leveling lines has made b+s the world market leader in the leveling of thin and foil metal strips.

By superimposing tension and bending during the straightening process, material parameters such as yield strength, elongation and spring bending limit can be adjusted and internal stresses reduced. As a result, strip shape defects such as waviness, cross bow, the longitudinal bow and the camber are reduced to a minimum.

These improvements in strip quality significantly optimize further processing. For example, the forming properties of the strip improve, the shape accuracy of the end products is increased, and thinner coats can be achieved for surface finishings.


Line Specification

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Icon Weight

Coil Weight

up to 30.000 kg
up to 66,140 lbs

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Width Icon

Strip Width

up to 1.650 mm
up to 65″

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Thickness Icon

Material Thickness

0,02 up to 2,0 mm
0.0008“ up to 0.08″

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Speed Icon


over 400 m/min
over 1,312 fpm

Our services include

Detailed project consultation
Customer-oriented kick-off meeting
In-house design office
Intensive interaction between mechanical and electrical design
High value-added chain with in-house manufacturing and assembly,
Intensive exchange with our and the customer´s logistics
External assembly and commissioning with b+s engineers
Successful project completion

Advantages of a b+s Stretch-Bend-Leveling Line

  • very high degree of automation
  • Elimination of strip imperfections by flatness measurement and aligned leveling technology
  • patented, maintenance-friendly straightening roll bearing, high processing speed,
  • Improvement of thermoforming properties
  • Increasing production times by eliminating downtime
  • Experience in processing ultra-high-strength materials with tensile strength above 1,500 N/mm² (0.22 pound/square inch) and a yield strength above 1,100 N/mm² (0.16 pound/square inch)

Our Stretch-Bend-Leveling Lines in use