EP 100+ Burr Height Measurement System

With the EP 100+ you are able to control the quality of
your slitting processes fast and efficiently.

The Right Cutting Burr Measurement for Every Material

Burrs are one of the biggest obstacles to precision manufacturing and the automation of manufacturing processes. They arise in manufacturing processes as plastic deformations in the material and are defined as undesirable material protrusions beyond the workpiece edge. They cause problems in the inspection, assembly and factory automation of metal components.

Accurate measurement of the burr height is essential to characterize burr formation and to determine procedures to avoid or minimize the burr. b+s and FocalSpec have worked together to develop a new, non-contact and optical cutting burr height measurement system for quality control of cutting processes.


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Strip Width

min. 8 mm
min. 0,31″

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20 μm up to 5 mm
20 μm up to 0,2″

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1 μm

Advantages of the EP 100+ Burr Height Measurement System

  • Easy Measuring directly at the Beginning of the Slitting Process
  • Convincing Result due to Examination of the Entire Strip Length (no Spot Check)
  • No complex Preparation of Samples
  • Minimum Slitter Down Time
  • Early Detection of Defects and Wear of the Knives
  • Examination of the Cutting Quality at the whole Circumference of Circular Knives
  • Generation of Measurement Reports, Statistics and Quality Reports
  • Data Storage and Connection to the Central Data Storage

Our EP 100+ Burr Height Measurement System in use