Slitting Lines

Slitting is the technology for cutting narrow strips starting from a master flat-rolled coil. This process is widely used across various industries.

Highest quality and precision

b+s is one of the leading manufacturers of precision slitting lines for cutting and winding of thin strips and strips with a critical surface.

Our slitting lines meet the highest standards of quality and precision. We guarantee the best results in cutting processes to achieve the highest slitting quality, the most accurate width tolerance, and the highest-precision winding technique. 

b+s precision slitting lines are customized to meet a desired production output, automation level, machine’s architecture, critical surface requirements, maximum and minimum strip width, material thickness and coil weight. Our customization doesn’t end there. We can also supply unique coil handling systems, metal, polyamide, or cardboard core insertion systems, paper or vinyl interleaf systems, inspections, and quality measurement systems.

Having had years of experience in the cutting of materials such as wire mesh, lead, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, palladium, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, titanium alloys etc., b+s can recommend the best solution for your application.

Line Specification

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Icon Weight

Coil Weight

up to 30.000 kg
up to 66,140 lb

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Width Icon

Strip Width

up to 2.600 mm
up to 102″

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Thickness Icon

Material Thickness

0,015 up to 6,0 mm
0.0006″ up to 0.24″

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Speed Icon


over 800 m/min
over 2,625 fpm

Our services include

Detailed project consultation

Customer-oriented kick-off meeting

In-house design office

Intensive interaction between mechanical and electrical design

High value-added chain with in-house manufacturing and assembly

Intensive exchange with our and the customer´s logistics

External assembly and commissioning with b+s engineers

Successful project completion

Advantages of a b+s slitting line

  • High-precision cutting quality due to clearance-free slitter shaft bearings
  • Reduction of set-up times through innovative automation solutions as well as high line speeds
  • Minimization of the degree of burr height with a simultaneously high number of strips due to the smallest possible deflection of the slitter shafts
  • Exact winding pattern with increasing coil diameter due to a movable brake stand
  • No damage to the surfaces of highly sensitive materials due to innovative braking technology, such as vacuum brake roll
  • High energy savings due to state-of-the-art regenerative systems and use of energy-saving drives
  • Experience in processing ultra-high-strength materials with a tensile strength above 1,500 N/mm² (0.22 pound/square inch) and a yield strength above 1,100 N/mm² (0.16 pound/square inch)

Our slitting lines in action

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