Leveling Machines


A leveling machine ensures that the strip material is flat and has low residual internal stress.

Precise Leveling Machines for metal processing

A leveling machine is used to flatten rolled material, especially metal, and reduce internal stresses.

When using a multi-roll leveling machine, the rolls are staggered and thus produce an alternating convex and concave bending process. This leveling process serves to eliminate unevenness and curvatures by creating a maximum bending angle across the entire width of the material on the first set of leveling rollers. The bending angle must be smaller than the largest predominant curvature or wave interval currently in the material.

Burghardt+Schmidt’s leveling machines are mainly used for metal strips with a thickness range of 0.02 mm to 8.0 mm and a material width of 10 mm to 1,650 mm. The operational leveler’s speed is determined by whether they are integrated into a complete system or operated as a stand-alone application.


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Strip Width

5 mm up to 2.600 mm
0.2″ up to 102″

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Material Thickness

0,02 up to 8,0 mm
0.0008″ up to 0.31″

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Advantages of a b+s Leveling machine

  • ensuring a consistent and reproducible high levelling-quality
  • increased profitability
  • high investment security through the use of high-quality components.

Our Leveling Machines in use