Learn more about the training opportunities at B+S!

Education is the foundation of your future.

After schooling is before apprenticeship. An apprenitceship at the Burghardt + Schmidt Group is the best way of entering the world of employment. The possibilities are limitless.

Welcome to your goal-oriented practical training! Your apprenticeship may take from 2,0 and 3,5 years – depending on pre-qualifications. Good grades and performance allow for a shortening of the practical training of at least half a year.

B+S challenges and promotes its trainees – it’s up to you to seize the opportunity!

Focus is set on learning and working in the training field as well as the specialist field. We cooperate with the technical college, so that teaching of theoretical knowledge goes hand in hand with practical knowledge. So doing we continually pursue the concept set by the chamber of commerce to guarantee a firm basis for your professional future.

Gather your information in a prestigious industry and start off in a fascinating world. Working and learning in a team with enjoyment and passion. Camaraderie is important to us in a continuously demanding and stimulating atmosphere.

B+S´s innitiative is aimed at developing your skills with regard to your professional future, e.g. team spirit, one’s own initiative, independance and communication- and problem solving. During your complete apprenticeship our instruction masters will accompany you to insure that you accomplishing your professional and personal aims.

B+S would like to offer young people the opportunity to develop in the working world – we welcome  enthusiastic young women or men who want to join us in coping with new challanges.

What happens after your training? Our ultimate aim is to bring young professionals into the different specialist fields. Our most valuable assets are our own qualified employees

Speculative applications are welcome – therefore contact us and continue our tradition of consisten quality.

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