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Precision-Levelers from B+S and high-capacity levelers from SCHNUTZ


Precision levelers are used to level metal strip in throughput, e.g. in a cut-to-length line or to level individual sheets or parts. To minimise set-up time we provide rapid changing cassettes as standard components.

Leveler cassettes with different leveler-roll diameters can be applied without problems, consequently a bigger material thickness range can be levelled. As standard, the B+S leveling cassettes are equipped with intermediate rollers (six-high) to avoid damage to delicate material surfaces.

Depending on customer’s needs we also supply leveling cassettes without intermediate rollers (four-high). For quick cleaning of the leveling cassettes a cleaning device can be added.

SCHNUTZ high capacity levelers

Whether it is a strip feeding line, panel or parts leveling machine, the flatness and the residual stress state of the plate is always a crucial quality criterion! SCHNUTZ is a specialist of high capacity levelers. Please refer to www.schnutz.com about the options available, e.g. levelers for strip lines, perforated sheets, high-tensile sheets, levelers for press lines, hot strip levelers, etc.

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