Packaging Lines

Higher productivity and shorter lead times as a result of a b+s packaging line.

Our packing lines are an optimal complement to our slitting lines. With the packing line, the coils are taken from the turnstile, transported and then placed on a pallet.


  • Weighing stations,
  • tilting tables,
  • suction plates,
  • coil carousel,
  • paper winding machines,
  • film wrapping units,
  • strapping tables,#
  • Coil eye strapping machine,
  • Stacking systems,
  • transport systems for stacked pallets with rollers.


Line Specification

Coil Weight

up to 15.000 kg

Strip Width

up to 2.600 mm

Material Thickness

between 0.03 and 6.0 mm

Our services include:

  • detailed project consultation,
  • customer-oriented kick-off meeting,
  • in-house design office,
  • intensive interaction between mechanical and electrical design,
  • high value-added chain with in-house manufacturing and assembly,

Advantages of a b+s packaging line:

  • higher productivity
  • easier handling
  • protection of the material by gentle, non-contact transport
  • fully automatic (or manual) strapping by the coil eye
  • integration of weighing stations for single rings and packages
  • fully automatic strapping solutions for the stacked package
  • automatic stacking and sorting management
  • customized packaging concepts