Slitting Lines

Slitting is a technology where a metal strip are simultaneously cut into several narrow strips.

B+S is one of the leading manufacturers of precision-slitting-lines. Cutting and winding of thin and very thin strips, especially strips with a delicate surface is our speciality.

Our slitting lines meet the highest requirements to precision and guarantee:

  • best cutting quality,

  • most accurate width tolerance and,

  • high winding quality.

They are always fitted to our customers’ individual needs..

The speed of the line, the design of the machines and the degree of automatisation depends on the estimated productivity of the line, the required surface, strip thickness, strip width and coil weight.

Benefit from our many years of experience in cutting various different materials like wire mesh, lead, gold, silver, palladium, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium etc..

We offer:

Specifications for our slitting lines

Material width up to
2500 mm
Material thickness
0.015 – 6.0 mm
Speed up to 800 m/min

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Product brochure

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