Slitting Shears

Individual production for highest cutting quality

Precision slitting shears are needed to cut the metal strip simultaneously into several narrow strips.

Our decades of experience in the precise production and assembly of our slitting shears guarantee our customers the highest cutting quality.

The b+s slitting shears are developed and manufactured for your individual cutting task:

  • Manual or electromotive adjustment of the overcut,
  • mechanical or digital display of the overcut,
  • fully automatic tool change with tool changer in front of the slitting shear,
  • fully automatic slitting shear,
  • Slitting shear designed as changeover shear with turntable,
  • manual or hydraulic traversing movements as well as
  • technologically sophisticated CNC precision slitting shears with hydraulically inflatable slitter shafts and automatic clamping nut,
  • Requirements for handling and set-up times.


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Number of Strips

over 80 strips

b+s germany - Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH - Width Icon

Strip Width

up to 2.600 mm
up to 102

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Material Thickness

0.015 up to 6.0 mm
0.0006″ up to 0.24″

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over 800m/min
over 2,625 fpm

Slitting Shears in use