Our Customers

For decades we have supplied customers worldwide with our machines and plants. See a selection of our customer references below:

Customer Experiences

Customer: Global Solar Energy, Berlin / Germany

Burghardt + Schmidt were convincing, both with their tender and during the course of the project overall. They kept the deadline and met the performance- and quality requirements. Solutions to the latter were even in excess of what was required. Problems were responded to immediately and competent personnel were available

Klaus Arns, Global Solar Energy / Germany

Customer: Vinco, Spain

We had our first experience with the strip traversing in 2007 when our company purchased a Burghardt + Schmidt traversing spooler. Our initial concerns disappeared quickly when our employees received full support from the experts and were trained intensively. Surprisingly quickly the training enabled us to carry out the first customer orders successfully. We can confirm that this investment has been a complete success.

Garcia Arino, Vinco / Spain

Customer: Vogel-Bauer, Solingen / Germany

Our biggest joint project with B+S to date has been the installation and start-up in the spring of 2006, of ourType Q1000/60/3,0-30/47 cut-to-length line. There is no doubt that the customization of this adjusting line has a double meaning, because in the planning stage the Burghardt + Schmidt design engineers had to make sure that on the one hand the line would fit on the base of a one-time slitting line, and on the other hand that the special demands of our newly acquired customer were met.
This really was not an easy undertaking! In the end the experienced B+S design engineers had to make numerous technical adjustments – including during the installation phase and the start up. It became perfectly clear that we had not only chosen the right cut-to-length line supplier but that we had also found an ally in our endeavour to reach the quality- and business goals we envisoned for this investment.
After three years of continuous operation our Stainless Steel Service Centre has at its disposal a cut-to-length line that undoubtedly will continue to be state-of-the-art for a long time to come. Our past decision to settle on a high performance Burghardt + Schmidt line with quick cassette changing device has been proven absolutely right. In the shortest time possible levelling cassettes with diameters of 30 and 47 mm can be exchanged. This enables us to achieve flatness levelling results over the whole product range, which, in our stainless steel sheet production extends from 0,30 to 3,00 mm.
The demand for precision cut sheets is growing and we can comply with our clientele’s requests for the smallest tolerances in shape and size. In addition, with the vacuum stacker situated at the outlet of the line, the sheets are stacked perfectly straight. What more could one want?
The precision of our sheets has enabled us to render valuable service to numerous well-known stainless steel users. This creates long-term business connections that ensure the continued success of our operation. Since we are loyal to our suppliers it follows that we will turn to the experts at Burghardt + Schmidt for any further attention the adjusting line may need. We wish Burghardt + Schmidt the best of (shared) success in the future.

Gerald Vogel, Vogel-Bauer KG / Germany

Customer: Vacuumschmelze, Hanau / Germany

For decades a multitude of Burghardt + Schmidt slitting lines have given reliable service at VACUUMSCHMELZE Hanau. A recently installed special machine, which prepares cold rolled coils for further processing on the 20-roller rack and in stationary heat processing, also joins the ranks of the reliable. Intensive and qualified after-sales service to date is the corner stone of our collaboration. We look forward to further joint challenges.

Heinrich G. Bauer, Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG / Germany