Slitting Shears

Individual production for highest cutting quality

Precision slitting shears are needed to cut the metal strip simultaneously into several narrow strips.

Tool Changing Systems

Tool Changing Systems Shorter set-up times and greater line efficiency with b+s tool changing systems Tool changing systems are used to shorten the tool…

Coil Cars

Coil Cars Safe transport for coilsFor larger coil weights, the material is loaded onto the decoiler with a coil car. For higher productivity, a…

Scrap Handling Systems

Scrap Handling Systems The right scrap disposal for every application Precision lines, such as slitting or cut-to-length lines, produce scrap martial in small quantities.…

Winding Solutions

The cut strips are wound into a ring (coil) in a slitting line.

Material properties and productivity determine whether the strips are wound after the slitting shear with direct tension and friction system or with loop and brake system.

Flange type reel mandrels for quick changeover as well as with automatic winding compensation are our standard.

EP-Burr Height Measurement Device

EP-Cutting burr measuring device The right cutting burr measurement for every materialBurrs are one of the biggest obstacles to precision manufacturing and the automation…

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