Coil Processing Lines

Strip processing lines are used to control the surface of the finished rolled metal strips. A trimming shear can be additionally integrated to trim the strip to the required strip width.

Extensions such as paper winders, foil devices and surface control systems can – if required – also be integrated.

Traverse Winding Lines

b+s precision traverse winding lines are used where wide coils need to be wound quickly and efficiently into a long and narrow strip length. For high production, one coil can be unwound and cut into several slit coils. According to customer requirements,  several traverse winders will be equipped with the slit coils.

In a stand-alone system, individual coils are unwound and welded together, then oscillatingly wound up with the traverse winder.

Depending on requirements and material, coiling is performed directly on the mandrel head, on cores or on spools. Customized, these lines can be supplemented, for example, with a thickness gauge, a precision straightener or even an oiling device.


B+S ist weltweit einer der führenden Hersteller von Präzisions-Längsteilanlagen zum Schneiden und Wickeln von dünnen und dünnsten Bändern, sowie von Bändern mit empfindlicher Oberfläche.

Unsere Längsteilanlagen erfüllen höchste

Anforderungen an Präzision und garantieren:

beste Schnittqualität,
genaueste Breitentoleranz und
hohe Wickelqualität.

Sie sind stets auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden zugeschnitten.

Cut-to-Length Lines

b+s is world one of the rights that of precision slitting lines for cutting and winding thin and very small strips, as well as strips with more sensitive rights.

Our slitting lines expect higher

Recognize by precision and guarantee:

best cutting quality,
most exact abstention and
high winding quality.

You are always listened to the same rights of our customers.


The consistent further development of stretch-bend-leveling lines has made b+s the world market leader in the leveling of thin and thinnest metal strips.

By superimposing tension and bending during the straightening process, material parameters such as yield strength, elongation and spring bending limit can be adjusted and internal stresses reduced. As a result, strip shape deviations such as waviness, the cross bow, the longitudinal bow and the camber are reduced to a minimum.

These improvements in strip quality significantly optimize further processing. For example, the forming properties of the strip improve, the shape accuracy of the end products is increased, and thinner layer thicknesses can be achieved for surface coatings.

Packaging Lines

Our packing lines are an optimal complement to our slitting lines. With the packing line, the coils are taken from the turnstile, transported and then placed on a pallet.


Weighing stations,
tilting tables,
suction plates,
coil carousel,
paper winding machines,
film wrapping units,
strapping tables,#
Coil eye strapping machine,
Stacking systems,
transport systems for stacked pallets with rollers.

Slitting Lines

b+s is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision slitting lines for slitting and coiling thin and surface-sensitive metal strips.

Our slitting lines meet the highest requirements for precision and guarantee:

best cutting quality,
no surface damage,
most accurate width tolerance and
high winding quality.

In addition, all lines are always tailored to the individual needs of our customers.


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