Levelling machines

Precision levelling machines

Precision levelling machines are used to level metal strips in throughput, e.g. in a cut-to-length line or to level single metal sheets or parts.

To minimise set-up times we have a standard quick change cassette. To include levelling cassettes with different levelling roller diameters is no problem for us. In this way a big range of material thickness can be levelled. The levelling cassettes of B+S are fitted by default with intermediate rollers (six-high) to avoid damage to delicate material surfaces. If required we also supply levelling cassettes without intermediate rollers (four-high). To enable rapid cleaning of the levelling cassettes the line can be fitted with a levelling roller cleaning device.

SCHNUTZ High capacity levellers

Whether it is a belt system, panel or parts levelling machine, the flatness and the residual stress state of the plate is always crucial quality criterion. SCHNUTZ is a specialist of high capacity levellers. Find out about the types of levellers at www.schnutz.com e.g. levellers for strip lines, levellers for perforated sheets, levellers for high tensile sheets, levellers for pressing lines, hot strip levellers etc.